Shelters: By most city laws, you must take a stray cat to the shelter. Shelters usually encourage the person bringing in the cat to retrieve him/her if no one claims or adopts the cat. You can ask for ‘first rights’ if you want, giving you the opportunity to adopt the cat first if the owner does not claim the cat. Some shelters now have a lost and found listing in the lobby if you decide not enter the cat into the shelter. Because cats tend to roam and come home days later, owners often delay checking the shelters, resulting in their cat being killed.

Note: Consistent data from all sources say that only 2% of cats entered into the shelters are reclaimed by their owners.

Post signs: If allowed by your city, post signs in a 6 block RADIUS. Cats do tend to travel.

Advertise: Newspapers place free ads for found dogs and cats:

L.A. Times 800 LATIMES
Daily News
818 713-3800
Daily Breeze
310 540-5511

Include: date and general location found. The description should be vague, requiring more information from the caller. Require a photo ID of the animal from any caller, or a past veterinary bill. If you feel uncomfortable about having anyone come to your home, ask a local pet store if you can meet the other party there.

Caution: people claim animals as their own to sell to research for money.


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