On the average, an indoor cat lives three times as long as an indoor/outdoor or outdoor cat.

Predators: Dogs, coyotes, raccoons and owls prey on cats. Due to the fires, droughts, and construction in the local mountains, coyotes are often found in the flat parts of the valleys. Contact your local shelter to find the recent sightings of coyotes. A cat will always lose to a coyote. Note: cats do co-exist with opossums.

Parasites: Indoor cats have less parasites; fleas, giardia, ringworm, tapeworms, and coccidia to name a few.

Diseases: There is no vaccination for FIV, the FIP vaccination is controversial, and the FELV vaccination is not 100% effective.

Cars: Cats tend to freeze in front of car headlights resulting in being hit. Cats also wrap themselves up under car hoods to keep warm in cold weather and die when the motor is started.


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