Hope you enjoy these sites! The topics range from cat care and information to legislation to fun cat sites.

Early Spay-Neuter is a way to control the overpopulation. You can learn:
the history of early spay and neuter, by
Winn Feline Foundation
find links on pet population control sites
Amby's Animal Friends

General Cat Infomation is important for any good pet owner. You can learn about:
animal health, pet loss, animal safety, and more from
AVMA ( American Veterinary Medical Association)
animal diseases & alternative medicine from
specific treatments for diseases, first aid, anatomy of the cat, genetics, and parasites from
All Pets
diseases common to cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, rabbits, ferrets and rodents from
Long Beach Animal Hospital
other links to animal health sites
Cat Fanciers

Bottle-feeding kittens is rewarding, and takes special care to insure they stay healthy. You can learn:
how to age kittens, care for orphans, what to feed kittens, and find a great book on underaged kittens on
This Site
more information on care, written by a vet, on
Kitten Rescue
general information on raising orphans by
Feral Cat Coalition
about orphaned kitten care by
Friends of Campus Cats
where to find other links on bottle-feeding kittens on
Amby's Orphan Page

Special Needs cats, including geriatric cats or deaf cats: To care for special needs cats, you can:
learn about the older cat at:
Animal Friends' Older Cat_Care
find information on deafness in dogs and cats, including diagnosis, management, and list of susceptible breeds from:
George Strain, Louisiana State Univ.

Rescue Resources & Shelter Referral Lists : These are lists of shelters & rescue organizations:
by state:
Hugs for Homeless Aniamls-USA or California: Hugs for Homeless Animals-CA
by state:
Creatures-StateGuide or California: Creatures-CA
by state:
Haldago Bay or California: Haldago Bay CA
by state:
national list of shelters:
Amby's-shelters Organizations & publications: Amby's-org Cat resource links: Amby's-resource
groups primarily in the mid-west and eastern states; includes national groups & other countries:
national organizations:
All For Animals-Nat'l Groups in Ventura and Santa Barbara All For Animals-Local
national list:
Cat Fanciers-shelters

Breed Rescue Sites: Many breed rescuers are former or current breeders of the same breed.
dog breed rescue for So. California:
breed rescue:
Laird-Breed Rescue
dog breed rescue:
cat breed rescue:
Cat Fanciers-rescue or Cat Fainciers-breeds
worldwide list of breeders:
Judith Berman's Katsation plus rescue organizations, vet info, general information.
cat breed rescue:

Note: Most cat rescuers will rescue pure breds. Unlike dogs, most cats born are not pure bred cats.

Other Referral Sites: Other sites with great information include:
list of sites: animal rights, legislative issues, vegan/vegetarian, rescue groups, nat'l groups (Peta, HSUS...), & world-wide groups.
commercial sites to Fort dodge, Fleabusters, Avid...:
conservation environmental wildlife organizations with sites pertaining to Wildlife Conservation:
links to cat poems, animal rights guide:
nationwide list of companies who do not test on animals:
All For Animals
links to animal welfare/rights, including Peta, WSPA, Missing Animals, the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights:

Feral Cat Information: Many feral sites are available regarding feral cats:
articles on trapping, managing a colony, health care...:
Feral Cat Coalition
Alley Cat Allies
Doris Day Foundation
article on oral contraceptives for ferals:
where to buy traps
Campus Cat Coalition
Peacock-Aleta's or Amby's or Gigi's or Cat Fanciers

Feral Programs at college campuses around the country:
UCLA in Los Angeles; Univeristy of Texas in Austin; University of Washington in Seattle; University of Centrao Florida in Orlando;
USC in Los Angeles; University of Southern Mississppi in Hattiesburg;

Education Programs:
has a model program on spay/neuter, copied around the country:
Feral Cat Coalition
offers a package for Humane Education for grades through Grade 6 covering spay/neuter, responsibility..:
Humane Society of Ottawa-education

Indoor vs. Outdoor & Cat Enclosures: Protecting cats by giving information on:
the dangers of being outside:
Chris Whyle
how to build a small outside shelter:
Campus Cats
fence additions to protect outdoor cats:
a large enclosure:
cat fences:
Cat Fence-In

Informative Sites: both individuals & cat groups:
cat & dog facts, plus general facts on ants, cockroachs, skunks & bees:
a local Los Angeles vet:
Kitten Rescue
articles on bottlefeeding, trapping, spay & neuter:
Safe Haven For Cats

Behavior & Training: covers:
common behavior problems including litter box problems, biting & scratching, scratching of furniture; also introducing a baby, another cat, or another animal with your original cat; importance of exercising your cat...
Perfect Paws
litter box problems:
Humane Society Of Ottawa
books: "From the Cat's Point of View", "Manners for the Modern Dog" and "Help, My Dog Has an Attitude". Order them:
Perfect Paws by G.Bohnenhamp
links on behavior and training:
Animal Friends
toilet training your cat:
Misha Cat

New Cats: kitten-cat proofing your house, what food to feed & buy:
what to look for in a healthy cat, foods to use, both wet and dry, storage methods for food, dietary considerations for diseases (ie FUS), and common feeding problems and how to correct them.
Cornell-feline health
links to sites on a new cat in the family, naming a cat, choosing the best cat for you, and more:

Declawing Options: how to clip nails, train to use scratch posts: infomation on other options to declawing and how to deal with nails:
how to cut nails:
Amby's-cat train
links for alternatives to declawing, why cats scratch, and how to train them:
Amby's-declaw & training
links to sites on medical and behavior issues with declawing:
Amby's-declaw & behavior

Building your own Cat Tree & Growing Cat Nip:
links to web sites with step-by-step instructions on building your own cat tree:
Amby's-cat tree
how to grow cat nip & make cat nip toys:
Forlorn Ferals-cat nip

Legislation Information:
current legislative information:
Doris Day-Legislative
issues listed by state:
Funds For Animals
legislation and information:
Alley Cat Allies-legislation
informative site on petitions:
Animal's Hope Petition Team
links on population and legislative issues:
Cat Fanciers-rescue
site for legislation issues:
Animal Legislative Network

On-line Magazines & News Lists:
Monthly on-line newspaper for Los Angeles covering animal issues: The Pet Press
Hugs for Homeless Animals

Books & Literature: books on:
cats, dogs, animal welfare/animal rights, horses, prairie dogs, ferrets, books ordered through Amazon:
Hugs 4 The Homeless-books
animal related issues, booksordered through Barnes and Noble: CatAnna-books
behavior & training for dogs and cats: "From the Cat's Point of View", "Manners for the Modern Dog", "Help, My Dog Has an Attitude" by Gwen Bohnenkamp, ordered from her web site:
Perfect Paws-books

Pet Loss, Wills, & Grieving:
special candles as a memorial:
Furry Angels
information on grieving and pet loss:
American Veterinary Medical Association-loss
for those who want to save their loved pet's ashes in Urns:
The Urnist
pet loss support hot line:

Lost & Found:
listings of lost birds, cats, dogs and horses, as well as links to other sites on lost animals: Hugs 4 The Homeless-lost & found
listings of lost birds, cats and dogs by state:
site for lost pets:
Lost And Found-Calif or Lost And Found

Pet Friendly Apartments in Los Angeles Lists apartments who take animals:
Los Anteles, San Fernando Valley, charges the end user: Pets-People
in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, San Diego, San Francisco and Marin/Sonoma counties:
in Los Angeles County, charging the end user for the use of their listings:
Westside Rentals
So. California: apartments, rooms, roommates
by state/county/city
Apartment Rentals
by state

Traveling with Pets Find hotels prior to traveling with your pets:
Dogfriendly or Traveldog

Flea Control:
site on Advantage, the topical flea control:
No Fleas
list of flea control and the flea life span: Amby's-flea control
site on a topical treatment for parasites for cats and dogs: Revolution

Poisons: which items are poisonious and what to do if pet is poisoned:
list of poisonious plants, drugs, & products including a description about what it does and why it is dangerous:
American Veterinary Medical Association
links to sites on poisons and toxic plants to cats:
888-426-4435 for the ASPCA Animal Poison ControlCenter, open 24 hours a day if you think your pet has been poisoned. There is a $45 fee for this consultation, payable on credit card; plus a list of poisonous items you may have around your house -currently limited for dogs and cats: ASPCA

Odd's 'N Ends on Cat Stuff:
travel tips and links related to travel:
Travel tips
site for information on traveling with your pets:
American Veterinary Medical Association-travel
links explaining how to create a will or estate for your pet, in case your pet(s) outlive you:
years of the cat's life compared to years of human life:
Cat Years
cat related quilts you can make, buy, or download the patterns:
Cats Who Quilt

Humor About Cats:
links to fun sites on cats: humor, gifts...:
humor including great cat jokes, tthe 'Natural Enemies of the Cat', and much written from the cat's point of view:
check out 'Strict, Unbending Rules for Dealing with Stray Cats':
Memphis Jan
Kitty Litter Cake made with German Chocolate, Spice, and/or white cake. Your friends will know you've lost it when you serve this!!!
Memphis Jan's cake

Cat Graphics: free:
hundreds of cat graphics and background wallpaper available to download:
Glenda Moore
cat graphics (over 1,000) including navigation buttons:
Heartland-Meadows buttons
more graphics:
Cats'n Kittens
moving banners on animal issues:
animal friendly art:
Doghause-Friendly Art

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