There are sites on the Internet where you can see cats & dogs available for adoption.

Listed are Humane Organizations as well as Animal Control Shelters.

Animal Control Shelters are where the majority of animals do not find homes.
These animals need to be adopted or are in jeapardy of being euthanized.

My favorite, of course, is the group I am with:

People And Cats Together (So. Bay, Los Angeles, West LA, San Fernando Valley) Cats only.

Shelters within Los Angeles:

LA Animal Services LA City Shelters: East Valley, West Valley, West LA, North Central, South Central, Harbor

LA-County-Shelters LA County Shelters: Agoura, Baldwin Park, Carson, Castaic, Downey, Lancaster

Glendale Glendale Shelter (also see Petbond )

Pasadena Pasadena Shelter

Shelters outside Los Angeles:

Animal Match Rescue Team Devore, Norco, Ramona, Redlands, Riverside, San Luis Obispo, San Bernardino

Irvine Irvine Shelter

Orange-County Orange County

San Diego San Diego County Shelters: No Shelter (Carlsbad), So Shelter (Bonita), Escondido, Central (San Diego)

San Luis Obispo San Luis Obispo Shelter (site by HART)

Santa Ana Santa Ana Animal Control

Upland Upland Shelter (site by PAWS)


Petbond Rescue groups in Southern California, plus other states.

Petfinder (National Site-includes dogs). You enter your zip code and find a group near you. Funded by Petopia.

HaldagoBay (National Site-includes dogs) Site shows pictures from over 70 animal rescue groups. Also has a great page on cat and dog merchandise available on the web. Provided by Haldago Bay.

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