The following are guidelines only. Please follow your veterinarian’s suggestions if they differ.

Altering of cats and dogs should be done between 2-6 months.

Male(neuter): Prolonged activity as a ‘tom’ will increase the chance of testicle cancer and increase the chance of ‘spraying.’

Female(spay): Female cats that have had multiple litters can develop mammary gland cancer. Pregnancies can also involve dystopia (difficult births) and pyometra (infected uterus).

Female cats will produce 3-4 litters per year, with their first heat being at 6 months. Unlike dogs who go into heat twice a year, cats will continue to go into heat until they get pregnant. Gestation is 64-69 days. Each litter has an average of five kittens, although some litters have as many as nine kittens.

With 5-14 million cats and dogs killed each year in the USA, we need to stop the production.


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