Figures vary from 4 - 15 million cats and dogs killed each year.
There is no official count. These are educated guesses.

1. HSUS (Humane Society of the United States): puts the figures between 4-5 million. (off Internet 2001)

2. Professor Andrew Rowen @ Tufts University: puts the figure at 5 million.(off Internet 1998)

3. The Funds For Animals: puts the figures around 6-10 million. (off Internet 2001)

4. PetsMart: puts the figures around 7 million. (off Internet 2002)

5. National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy: a council including ten of America's foremost animal organizations, puts the figure around 7 million, and acknowledges that this is a guess. They surveyed 4835 facilities in 1995 and received a response from only 1056, or 22%. With wide variances in spay-neuter policies, statistics from a small response can be mis-leading. Some shelters are no-kill, some have strong adoption programs, some are active in spay-neuter policies, and an increasing number of shelters spay-neuter all animals prior to adoption. California passed that went into effect January 1, 2000 requiring all shelters and all non-profit organizations to alter all cats and dogs prior to adoption.

6. The Feral Cat Coalition: a group in San Diego, California, puts the figures at 15 million. (off Internet 2001)

7. The State of California did a survey in 1995, and came up with 650,000 cats and dogs destroyed each year in California.

Note: 120,000 were destroyed in L.A. County shelters the fiscal year of 2002.

Consistent data from all sources say that only 2% of cats entered into the shelters are reclaimed by their owners.The 20 shelters in Los Angeles County had 1.3% cats redeemed in 2001.

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